Real Estate Listings Plugin for Squarespace Websites

  • Add property search to any site
  • Mobile listings app with built-in CRM
  • Works with any MLS data feed too
  • Great for both "for sale" & rentals

Convert more new clients and market more effectively with easy-to-use home search and live listings on your website.

Let visitors search "for sale" or rental listings on any Squarespace website. You manage them all with our easy-to-use mobile web app that works on any device - and publishes instantly to your site with our real estate plugin for Squarespace.


No hassle fast setup

We work with you directly to install and set up our Javascript plugin code and custom CSS to any of your Squarespace websites. No client interaction needed on our end and installation takes about an hour. From there, they can manage their own listings anytime, from anywhere with our simple app.


Works with MLS feeds

For your Realtor clients, we can add just about any active MLS data feed of home listings to your sites via our plugin. Or let your rental or home builder clients use our Angular progressive web app to create and manage listings on the site you build for them. Our app lets them create and manage their own listings too.


Easy look & feel match

With our Pro plan subscription, we can customize your plugin search bar, listings results, and listing details pages to match your client’s desired colors, fonts, and more. Just sign up, get installed and tell us what you need. We handle it for you, so you save time and money. We're as low-maintenance as you can get.


Mobile CRM for leads

Our plugin comes with contact forms for yours or your client's  site that sends new leads right into an account on our mobile web app CRM. Clients can track leads, tag them, make notes and click to email or call. All from a mobile phone where the info is needed the most to quickly convert more leads into new clients.


“Featured” listings pages

Our app also lets your clients feature any listing to turn it into a standalone web page on their Squarespace real estate website to impress clients and as landing pages for SEO, SEM, or social media digital ads. Just pick a listing in the mobile app to instantly build a new web page for it.


More included tools

With our Pro and Pro Plus plans, your real estate clients also get a slick and accurate mortgage calculator as well as a property valuation calculator that lets web visitors get an estimate of what their home is worth. It’s great for lead generation and user engagement.


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Get the Goods for Your Sites

Real Estate Plugins for Websites

Our plugin snaps easily into any Squarespace site. It’s built out of Javascript, CSS, and HTML and requires little to no maintenance. We can customize it for your specific needs too. It comes standard with a beautiful search bar, listings results pages, and listing details pages.


Mobile Listings Management App

Our mobile web app is included with any subscription so your website clients can add and manage their web “for sale” or rental listings from any device. Add pics, video and more, the publish to see it live immediately. Any edits are instantly updated on the live webiste once saved.


Custom Web Development

Need additional website modules? Looking for advanced digital marketing, ads, and SEO added to one of your client sites? We do that too. Just reach out with any questions or a description of what your client wants and we’ll get you a quote. It's a fast and affordable wat to get more functionality.


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