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Do you handle all the installation?

Yes, we handle it all for you, so now work to do on your end. We will need temporary access to your website to install our plugin code and hook your site (or your customer site) to our app for user-managed listings or an MLS feed in the case of a real estate professional.

How long does it take to get going?

For property manager, vacation rental owner, and home builder sites, we can install the plugin and get you or your clients signed up for an account on our mobile web app in about an hour from your successful payment. 

Can you match the plugin Search and Listings to my site colors and style?

Yes, when you subscribe to our Pro or Pro Plus plans, both come with full matching of look and feel to your desired website. We can also create some customizations for your site such as search links/images for neighborhoods, property type, towns and cities, plus a whole lot more.

What if I want MLS listings on my site?

We can connect almost any live MLS feed to our plugins and app, but there may be additional cost depending on your specific MLS. We partner with leading MLS data providers across the US and have already integrated dozens of MLS feeds, so reach out today and find out if we already have your feed. 

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